My 16 month old…

3 Apr

…likes to walk around the house with her eyes closed, then cry when she bumps into stuff (rolling my eyes here).

…enjoys vegetables more than anything, especially raw zucchini, red peppers, and cucumber.  But also loves yogurt, string cheese, pancakes, pasta in all forms, chicken, ham, carrots, apples, grapes, tomatoes, subs from Subway… maybe I should list what she DOESN”T like…!

…won’t eat cheese slices, peanut butter, raisin bran- yeah that’s pretty much it.

…is so affectionate!  She loves to kiss and hug everyone: us, Bronwyn, her stuffed animals!

…enjoys playing with dolls.  She cuddles them, rocks them, feeds them, and puts them to “bed” (complete with covers and sometimes a stuffed animal!).

…adores her Lambykins, and refuses to be parted from him- even from meals, bathtime, or trips in the car.  She has dropped him on occasion, and thankfully some kind soul has rescued him from the parking lot/grocery buggy/aisle in WalMart, and returned him with some sort of comment along the lines of “you’ll pay for losing THIS”.  I love living here!

…can say mama, dadee, bada (Bronwyn), lala (Lambykins), more, milk, cup, hi, ta-da, uh-oh, ball, snack, up, down, this, boot, dog, duck, woof, moo, and (my favourite) turtle.

…is easy-going with sharing, except with her Lamby.  She has started sensing an injustice though and will come and get me to intervene when Bronwyn takes her toys.

…still sleeps easily and predictably for long stretches.

…has gotten more bumps and bruises and scars this week than Bronwyn has accumulated in her lifetime.

…will carry a stool or cushion somewhere if she can’t climb up on her own.

…wants to be just like Bronwyn.

…has enough hair for a ponytail.

…is fiercely independent like a toddler, but still cuddly and trusting like a baby.

…is the cutest “soon-to-be” big sister I have ever seen!

Winner of the Cutest Kid Ever Contest!

Winner of the Cutest Kid Ever Contest!


We love you Holly Grace!


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