Not sure where this post got lost, but here it is from yesterday…

31 Mar

Holly is napping and Bruce took Bronwyn to the store, so I have some uninterrupted time right now.  I am supposed to be cleaning the house in preparation for dinner guests tonight, but I wanted to update this site instead.  Lucky you!

We have been pretty sick here, but the end has arrived with one final trip to Emerg for Bronwyn.  She woke up wednesday morning covered in hives.  As she was swelling in front of my eyes, I made the quick decision to not wait for an appointment with my NP that afternoon, but brave the awfulness that is our local ED.  By the time I got to my friend Nicole’s house (she lives only 2 blocks from the hospital and had agreed to watch Holly while we were gone), I was beset with over-protective parent remorse.  So I hauled Bronwyn inside and made (poor pregnant) Nicole examine the rash.  She concurred that is was awful (raised red welts over her body with mottling of the extremities and blue-tinged skin around her mouth and fingertips, with swelling of her joints), but made no move to touch her- DUH, Julie- better hope it’s not contagious.

She was a trooper though, and a really good friend, and I promised to call the second I found out if it was harmful to developing fetuses (hers and mine).  SPOILER: it wasn’t.

We were whisked right in, and Bronwyn was subjected to a blood test and urine sampling (so so glad she is potty trained).  I think it didn’t hurt that she was actually swelling right there in triage.  Her face was so puffy, her eyes were like little slits. 

Long story short, the doctor’s best guess was an allergy to the Amoxicillin she’d taken the week before for her ear infection.  Good to know.  We’ll certainly stay away from Penicillin-based drugs in the future!

There is so much going on here that it would take days to record it all.  Suffice to say that the basement is almost finished being painted.  Colours: Apricot and Crispy Gingersnap in the bedroom; and, Crisp Celery with Peanut butter in the rec room.  I know what you are thinking- YUMMY!  It looks really good actually, and once I have curtains made up in the appropriate colours and we get some dark brown couches and shelving units, it will be a much more useable, friendly space.  Carpet goes in wednesday!

Also, Bruce and I are stll arguing over baby names, so watch this blog for an upcoming entry complete with chance to vote for your favourite!


3 Responses to “Not sure where this post got lost, but here it is from yesterday…”

  1. FAL March 31, 2009 at 8:40 pm #

    I don’t understand why you would have to veto the 3 names of SideCar Granny’s other grand-daughters..Sophie, Allison and Emily…LOL..did Bruce really choose them?
    I like several of your names…. Jocelyn spelled any old way, and Ashlyn spelled either way are lovely and sound good with Howarth..decisions decisions

  2. Amanda April 1, 2009 at 3:12 am #

    My turn…you poor girl. Man, I hope things get better soon.
    As for the name debate (because of course my opinion counts… :D), I like Jocelyn and Delia (although I am not sure that the later sounds right with Howarth.
    Funny, we were talking names at my course tonight, actually names we would NEVER name our child based on students we have taught. I can honestly say there are a few on my list. None of them are on your list. 🙂

  3. Elaine April 2, 2009 at 12:25 am #

    YES AMANDA! Being a teacher seriously limits that names that one can use for their own children. You think you have it rough, Julie? I can’t come up with ONE boys name that I like. So far my girls names have gone unscathed.

    Still waiting for those pictures…

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