Waiting for the other shoe to drop

23 Mar

This has been a rough three weeks.  I have been pretty sick with the cold that has been going around (and there is nothing a poor pregnant girl can do about it, either).  It has been compounded by the ‘flu and a nasty sinus infection, so you can understand why I haven’t been much up for blogging.  Luckily I have a very nice neighbour, an understanding husband, and some great stay-at-home mom friends who have all pulled more than their weight to let me get some rest.  I did, however, still have to clean the house by myself.  BUT, enough about that.  Although I have been complaining bitterly about the lot that is my life, I won’t bore you all (Bruce can fill you in).  We have catching up to do!

First, the bad news: our Bible Study group has taken a beating this week, with one friend losing her father very suddenly yesterday.  She has also, in one month, lost an aunt, had her mom start chemo (again) and been in a car accident.  She’s had enough sorrow to last several years, so I pray that this is it for her.

Also, one of the guys found out that his best friend died in Afghanistan last week.  CFB Petawawa has had way too many casualties since Christmas, and we all pray that everyone returns home safely.

And finally, our pastor is not doing well.  His cancer has been listed as Stage III and he is very ill with his treatments.  It was a sobering day at church yesterday and I can’t help but thank God that my little family has been untouched, and wonder how long that can last…


But, some good news!

Bruce and I are excited to report that we will welcome another little GIRL to the Howarth Household in just a few months!  Let the naming debates begin!! 

Also, Bruce has been working very hard getting our basement ready for the arrival of said Little One, and it looks great!  Very open and far more useable.  He spent the weekend priming and the ceilings are painted.  Now we have to decide on paint colours for the main room, and pack away the study in preparation for the carpet guys to lay the floor on April 1.  After that a little trim and some new furniture will complete the project!  Hurray!!

The girls are starting to wonder where I am so I will leave this disjointed update with a sweet story:

Bruce does not believe in Pregnancy Cravings.  I don’t really get them, and the few times I have said anything he has flat out refused to indulge me.  So, maybe it is the fact that I have only gained 7 lbs so far, and my doctor is giving me the evil eye every 2 weeks; or, that he ALSO felt like ooey-gooey trans-fat filled doughnuts from 10 minutes away at 9pm friday night; or, maybe it was the paint fumes… I don’t know.  All I know is that when I mentioned that I could sure go for a doughnut (I hate doughnuts incidentely), he practically jumped off the couch in his effort to go get me some.  Then he returned and watched a chick flick on tv with me.  Paint Fumes.  Definitely.


2 Responses to “Waiting for the other shoe to drop”

  1. Erin March 23, 2009 at 7:56 pm #

    Hey Julie
    I’m so sorry for all the sad things happening in your bible study group. I too am so thankful for my little family.

    To your news of another girl, yeah! Congrats to you guys. As for a name I really really really would love you to name you girl Brulie…even as a middle name;)

    Congrats and lots of love

  2. Jessica March 30, 2009 at 2:10 pm #

    Hey Jules
    Congratulations on another little girl!! Bruce is definitely out numbered ;o)

    Sorry to hear about all the misfortune going on around you as of late. There but by the grace of God go I. Giving thanks for all the simple gifts of quiet, happy days seems so important.

    Yay for doughnut cravings!! 7Ibs, that’s it?! Krispy Kreme baby ;o) Very glad that Bruce “indulged” you a little.

    Take care of you.

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