I think Dora may be the 2nd most popular fish never ever

4 Mar

We got Bronwyn a betta fish.  She named him Dora.  Probably because she’s never seen Finding Nemo.  She has entered into an entertaining, if not trying, age where her imagination is blossoming.  Last week she took her Crocs out of her drawer and put them on her feet.  Then she took a smaller pair and put them on her hands.  She bounded into the kitchen and announced she was a puppy with 4 pink paws.  Hence Pink Paws the Puppy was born, complete with “foofing” when she wants something, playing endless “puppy” games where I throw a ball for her to fetch, or place crackers on her nose.  She wants to only wear pink, and it took all of my parenting imagination to convince her to wear her boots outside.  I told her they were her outside paws (along with her mittens).  You are probably oohing and ahhing and thinking “how CUUUUUTE”.  You don’t have your own 2 1/2 year old.  CLEARLY.  Although she seems to have left theDrama Queen days for a more amusing Pretend vs Real stage, I am already tiring of explaining to the well meaning nursery workers why Bronwyn has started barking and not talking.  At least she doesn’t cry when I leave her there anymore!

Holly has taken over the Drama Queen role, however.  It is not uncommon to find her puddled on the floor wailing over some perceived injustice.  And boy can she scream.  She is more affectionate though, and her cuteness almostmakes up for her inconsistent moods.  Almost.  Today she demanded to be up (mostly by grunting, pointing and lifting her arms), and when she was all the way up, she pointed me over the the cupboard where she screeched until I handed her the crackers she wanted.  When I passed her one she thrust her other pudgy hand in my face, waving it wildly under my nose until I relinquished a second cracker… which she immediately handed over to Bronwyn.  See?  SWEET.  And also LOUD.

I am now 7 months pregnant.  Twelve weeks to go.  And I am feeling it.  My joints are separating.  My belly is getting in the way.  I feel unbalanced and ungainly and Baby III has the uncanny ability to roll the wrong way at the wrong time throwing me off my feet when I least expect it.  This is the most active baby yet.  S/he never stops kicking, rolling, elbowing and just generally reminding me s/he is there.  It worries me that s/he’s only 3 lbs.  What is going to happen when s/he is actually BIG?!

Neither girl is too interested in the baby.  Holly likes to claw atpat my belly, but more to get the reaction that her cold hands and tiny fingernails get when they make contact with my sensitive belly button.  Plus, she LOVES “Round and round the garden” so why wouldn’t I?  I think they’ll adjust ok- Bronwyn has been through this already, and Holly is used to sharing me- but I still worry about keeping all 3 kids safe and happy simultaneously.  Plus, I am assuming I will get another easy baby like my first 2.  Can I get that lucky?  I guess it will be a good case for Nature vs Nurture.

And lastly, Bronwyn has improved her sentence formation for some amusing results:

Me: Let’s play Monkey in the Middle.  You go in the middle.

Bronwyn: Let’s ALL be monkeys.  I am Big Monkey, you be Little Monkey and DADDY be Middle Monkey.

Bruce:  I think it should be Big Monkey (points to himself), Middle Monkey (points to me) and Little Monkey (points to Bronwyn).

Bronwyn: NO!  Me Big Monkey, Mommy Little Monkey and YOU Middle Monkey.

This goes on for awhile, until…

Bronwyn: NOOOOOOO!  That is NOT how I think that it should BE!


4 Responses to “I think Dora may be the 2nd most popular fish never ever”

  1. linda March 5, 2009 at 11:38 pm #

    didn’t richard used to bark at everyone when he was little too?
    maybe its simply genetics

  2. Elaine March 6, 2009 at 12:34 am #

    why has that poor child never seen finding nemo? she is clearly deprived.

    We have it if you want to borrow it. Ethan can barely sit through an episode of Max and Ruby let alone a full length feature film.

  3. Julie March 6, 2009 at 6:59 pm #

    She started to watch it but stopped after Nemo got caught. Really limits our movie watching when Finding Nemo is too scary…

  4. Erin March 20, 2009 at 6:37 pm #

    Julie I love your blogs – they always give me a big smile.

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