Another Day at Home

10 Feb

There is a big ice storm heading our way today so everything is closed.  Lovely.  I was almost looking forward to my OB appointment today only for the break it would provide from the tedium of the same routine.  Actually, yesterday Holly and I got out of the house for a bit while Bronwyn napped.  She has not really experienced the snow this year since she only started walking a few weeks ago.  So I pulled out B’s old boots and outfitted her in the super cute matching hat/mitts that Somer’s Granny knit for the girls and took her out into the sunshine.  She had a great time.  We played in the shed where the girls’ playhouse is set up for the winter, and she rolled around in the straw that the dogs use to keep cozy in the cold months.  I wanted to take some nice winter pictures (seeing as it has been 4 months since I took ANY- yikes) but the batteries were all dead in the camera.  Maybe today.  We’ll see.

Our plans for today are going to involve much of the same I fear.  Cleaning; organizing toys into a better system for when the basement renos are finished and I can move them down there; cleaning endless dishes and wiping runny noses. 

Why do I stay home when I could be in the hospital emergency ward doing the EXACT same things for $30/hr?  Well maybe not the nose wiping- I have to draw the line somewhere…


One Response to “Another Day at Home”

  1. joan February 10, 2009 at 7:26 pm #

    because you’d also be paying for daycare and still have to deal with making meals and cleaning your house at the end of the day.
    i love how rational i am.
    ps: had no idea you’d moved!

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